0.5.0 Release

October 14, 2015

Update! CSBill is now SolidInvoice! Read this post for more information

We are pleased to announce that the immediate availability of Release 0.5.0.

This is another big releases, and includes various new features, a lot of bug fixes and new email templates.

This release also includes a new RESTful API, with limited support to create, manage and delete clients, contacts, quotes and invoices.

We have also removed the dependency on the PHP intl extension. This means CSBill is available to a broader range of users and servers that don’t necesarilly have the intl extension installed. Without the intl extension, you will be limited to only the “en” locale. If you want to use other locales, then you need to enable the intl extension.

For the full changelog, view the release on github

As always, please download and test this release, and let us know of any issues you may find.


CSBill now has an official docker image. This makes it really easy to get started as quickly as possible in running CSBill.

The docker image is available at https://hub.docker.com/r/csbill/csbill/ with instructions on how to get started.